Disability Awareness Training

We provide disability awareness training to all types of organisations. By giving you the knowledge of the barriers that people with disabilities face, you will leave feeling confident, competent and comfortable with disability.

We provide disability awareness training to all types of organisations. By giving you the knowledge of the barriers that people with disabilities face, you will leave feeling confident, competent and comfortable with disability.

Organisations and individuals are often made to feel that they should understand disability. This is impossible if they have never been given the knowledge about it. We believe that the key to disability equality is all within education.

That’s where we come in to provide disability awareness. We encourage interaction in a jargon free, relaxed and fun learning environment. This disability awareness course will utilise case studies, personal reflection and peer discussion. We also have multiple activities for delegates to engage in which includes group work, scenarios, videos, case studies, demonstrations, role-play and communication tasks.

100% of delegates who attended our Disability Awareness Training in 2019 said they would recommend our training to others.

If you are looking for more of an overview of disability equality or are looking for a team building or lunch and learn session then please visit our disability awareness workshops for more information.

Benefits of using our service

Professional expertise & personal experience

Collectively our trainers have over 30 years of experience in the disability sector, making them specialists in the world of disability. They also have in depth knowledge as well as lived experience of disability, enabling them to share their experiences in a thought-provoking approach.

Effective communication

Our training will enable colleagues & employees to speak with customers & colleagues who have disabilities, by providing them with the appropriate language & terminology

Fun & participative

We don’t believe that power point heavy presentations are key to effective learning which is why our trainers have developed our training to be fun, engaging and hands on.

Our 3 step process

Step 1

Schedule your free consultation to speak to one of our disability awareness trainers

Step 2

Explore the options available to you and how we could tailor the training to suit your needs

Step 3

The trainer/s will schedule the date of training at the date which suits your company/organisation & colleagues/employees

Feedback from previous
disability awareness training sessions

What is included in our training:

A Certificate of Completion

Further resources after the training

A copy of the presentation

Ask us anything

Disability awareness training is suitable for staff on front of house who engage with customers, management, and anyone who works alongside or supports people with disabilities both customers and employees/colleagues.

Our disability awareness training works well for those who wish to support friends, family or people with disabilities in their communities.

In-House Course – Our in-house course is suitable for all members of staff including management, directors and front of house. An in-house course is also suitable for organisations that wish to up skill whole departments and teams.

  • Suitable for up to 24 delegates
  • Can be tailor made to the organisation’s needs

Disability awareness training can boost morale in the workplace as the team is harmonised. Disabled employees feel understood and their peers around them feel more comfortable in working alongside and supporting their colleagues.

Customers with disabilities want to use services that are accessible and free from stress, with staff members that have the confidence and know how to support their customers with disabilities. Disability awareness training builds rapport and leaves the customer speaking positively about the service.

If you find yourself asking these questions, then this disability awareness training is for you…

  • What is the best way to support disabled people?
  • Will certain language cause offence?
  • Can I ask someone with a disability about their condition?
  • How do we define what a reasonable adjustment is?
  • Why don’t we get more disabled customers utilising our products and services?
  • How do I approach a person with a disability?
  • Might I cause offence if I offer to help a person with a disability? 
  • How do I talk to a person with a disability?
  • Can a disabled person work as efficiently as their non-disabled peers?

How can we make our service better for disabled customers?

Our disability awareness course is an open platform, developed and lead by experts who have disabilities. We encourage honesty and transparency in our training. This is so delegates can open up and discuss what can sometimes feel like a difficult topic. We aim to challenge the myths that are often associated with disability.

There are so many disabilities that it would be impossible to cover every disability, our training however aims to provide you with a practical understanding of sensory impairments, physical disabilities, mental health conditions, learning disabilities and long term health conditions.

Our course will provide you with an understanding of:

  • Different types of disability including visible and invisible disabilities
  • Access and Inclusion 
  • Reasonable adjustments 
  • Legislation including The Disability Discrimination Act and The Equality Act
  • Funding available for organisations to support employees with disabilities
  • How to communicate with customers/employees who have disabilities 
  • Barriers that people with disabilities face
  • Innovative ways to support your disabled employees and customers
  • Stereotyping and unconscious bias
  • The Medical and Social Model of Disability
  • Customer service – ensuring it is accessible for people with disabilities

For more information about our in-house disability awareness training course schedule a free consultation or call our central office on 01905 964 726 and one of our course leaders will be more than happy to speak with you.  

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